Finding Love Online

Is it possible to find Love online

In case you are wondering, after losing my late wife to a battle of cancer, I decided to once again get out into the market and find a new partner.

loveFriends and Family were very helpful at organising blind dates which invariably were a huge disaster. Finding someone suitable after having been married for 18 happy years was not going to be an easy task.

Eventually out of sheer boredom and probably a lot of frustration, I eventually logged onto the internet and joined an online dating site.

I really can not say what I was expecting but I knew that anything was going to be better than going out on another hellish blind date.

To my surprise I started receiving a lot of responses from women all over the world – I probably had on average at least 18 women a day wishing to make contact with me. This is the great thing about online dating – normal procedures where it is taboo for a women to show interest in a man do not exist.

The greatest part of all the responses is that you can sift through them in your own time – have a good look at the profile of the person sending a request to you, and then make a choice as to whether you would like to contact the person back. Needless to say there were many contacts that were swiftly deleted and a couple that I responded back to.

Being able to get to know someone online before you actually get to meet the person is really great. A couple of messages back and forth quickly helps you to reveal whether you are on the right track or not.

After only about 10 days since registering online I received one particular request. Immediately I knew that this one was interesting. However I did not respond immediately but also did not delete the request, as the women concerned was a bit further away than I had anticipated finding a partner (half way across the world).  A further 3 days passed before I eventually decided to respond.

Online messages soon became  emails and online chatting and then personal phone calls. After 1 month of calling each other I eventually decided to take the plunge and travel hallway across the world to meet her face to face.

Cutting a long story short, we have now been happily married for 9 years and I truly can say that I managed to find the best wife any man could ever dream of thanks to dating online.

I met her through this site – Cupid-Date

Can you also succeed in online dating

Online dating is just so superior to conventional dating and with such a bigger net to find a partner in that there is absolutely no reason why you should not  be able to find a lifetime partner like I did.

However I must caution you that there are also a lot of scammers who haunt the online dating sites but a few simple steps will help you to avoid the scams and find true love.

  • Use your head – if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is not true. If a 20 year old stunning beauty falls madly in love with you (aged 60 plus) and you have not even met you then you will know for sure that pretty soon she will desperately need your money for some important reason or the other.
  • Take time to get to know them properly online – have a look at other online references to the person like facebook etc. Taking a little extra time to get to know them properly before you actually meet them will save heartache. Call them personally on a landline or mobile.
  • Travel to meet them yourself, Do not send them an airline ticket to come to meet you. By travelling to meet them personally you will quickly discover if the person is genuine. If there are excuses as to why you should not come then be aware that there is something hiding. Likewise if you do decide to rather fly them out to you you could soon discover that there will be demands for visa money, travelling money etc and then an empty flight seat as they have taken off with your money. If the person is local make sure the first meeting is in a busy public place such as a restaurant etc.

By simply taking note of the above and using common sense at all times you could soon find yourself face to face with the partner of your dreams like I did.

Get started online today at Cupid Date



Buy Green Tea in South Africa

Buying a quality green tea is always fairly difficult no matter where you are in the world and South Africa is really no different.

Loose lea green tea

Quality green tea

Sure there are hundreds of places where you can buy those cheap little green boxes of Chinese green tea in bags but the quality is really dubious and as such most people are very wary.Lately our South African supermarkets have seen a number of green teas added in the tea and coffee sections by the likes of Liptons, Vital etc. Again these are tea bags containing green tea blends. If you are really looking for high quality loose leaf green tea that is full of health benefits and flavor then these are not really the right choice.

Venturing out to places like China Town in Bruma can be even more frustrating. Most of the Shop Owners there have limited English and as China Town caters mostly for the Chinese customers you are likely to have no clue as to what you are buying. Besides most South Africans are not in easy commuting distance of China Town so even attempting to go there is a nightmare.

However a light is on the horizon with a brave new product that has been recently released in South Africa by Ruslana Retail, an online trading company. Green tea by Ruslana is a new blend of quality loose leaf green tea that has been created for maximum health benefits and for a taste that is acceptable to the Western tongue. The blend contains :-

  • Organic Green tea
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Pu-erh Tea

This unique blend of tea produces a slightly reddish color brew that is extremely pleasant tasting either cold or hot.

The health benefits that are associated with drinking just 3 to 5 cups of green tea include :-

  • Increased metabolism and fat burning
  • Reduced bad cholesterol levels
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Anti aging
  • Cancer prevention
  • Acne treatment

In fact changing over to green tea could be one of the easiest and healthiest lifestyle changes that you could possibly make.

Ruslana Retail have made it easy for South Africans to purchase a quality green tea that has been optimised for the maximum health benefits.

Visit the official website

Too Fat to be Buried

According to an article on News24 today, a Pretoria man who weighed 550kg before his death, is  too fat to have a normal burial.

The massive 550 kg body of the deceased man could not fit into the mortuary and so a cold room has to be used to store the body in the meantime.

Cremation is out of the question as the body is just too large for the crematorium to process. This leaves the problem of burial. Due to the size of the body a special double coffin will be needed to bury the body in.

The man’s family is desperately appealing to members of the public to assist in raising money for the special coffin and burial that is needed.

Read the full story here

WTF!! (Sorry Ma) Has the man never heard of diet pills.

Why Shopping Online is Becoming Popular

Online Shopping is becoming more attractive

Shop from your computer

Shopping online is becoming  more popular in South Africa as an increasing amount of people choose to rather shop from the comfort of their homes. More retailers have also begun to realise that online shopping is fast becoming popular and as a result each and every day more products and facilities are becoming available in the online stores.

Yesterday, a month end Saturday and one of the traditionally most busy shopping days, I had the misfortune of having to drive out to the East Rand mall area in Boksburg to look for 2 small items not readily available in my own small residential area.

What a nightmare!

Firstly, having to go out to shop means enduring the traffic jams that have become part of our roads. Highway renovations seem to have stretched for forever and have caused total chaos on the roads. Sitting in heavy traffic on a 4 lane highway that has been reduced to 2 lanes is just no fun and fellow inconsiderate drivers can make the whole affair rather nail biting.

Petrol prices are starting to also take a major part in buying decisions, especially with petrol prices jumping  to over the R10-00 a litre mark. Driving to a distant shopping centre is becoming very expensive.

When you eventually get to the shopping centre you then have to find a place to park your car. This is a second nightmare and when you do find a parking you have to ensure that there is a guard to look after your precious car. South Africa is the only place where you hire private guards to watch your car when you go into shopping centres. These guards who have mostly never even driven a car before, are also experts in road safety and parking and so they teach you how to park your car at the same time.

Cool, so now we have arrived at the centre and have eventually parked our car it is time for the crowds. The shops are packed and the tills crowded with long queues. If you are unfortunate enough to be buying clothing then you also have to stand in even longer ques for the fitting rooms.

I look at the queue and see a couple of woman shyly trying to conceal, without it looking that they are about to steal, their lingerie items that they are waiting to try on. Having to wait half an hour in a busy queue holding out your latest choice of sexy G-String or Thong for all to see your choice in underwear is just not all that cool.

The best part of all of this is that invariably when you eventually manage to get to the shop where you are certain that the item you are looking for will be found you discover that they have just sold out and new stock will only be arriving at the end of the week.

Back to the car and repeat the whole process again next week!

The better alternative – Online!

Shopping from the comfort of your own home at the hour that most suits you is somehow so much more attractive than facing the shopping centre nightmare.

Sure online shopping does have some shortfalls. Not being able to touch and feel the item that you wish to buy does not create the same feeling as going to the shop and buying. Then again without the emotions attached as they are in a shop it is far easier to make a careful selection and buy only what you really need to buy without also buying a hundred other things that you don’t really need but seemed like a good idea at the time.

Unfortunately most of us do want to buy something and have it available immediately. We don’t want to have to wait for the company to deliver. This is the single biggest downfall of online shopping in S.A. The deliver services are not the same as those encountered in the USA and probably the best delivery service is the S.A Post office. This does however take up to a week and most customers are just too impatient to wait so long.

Possibly the area of speedy delivery is the biggest challenge facing the South African online market!

While some are hesitant to shop online due to the threat of fraud, these incidents are in fact very low.  Check out that the company concerned provides adequate contact details and is a South African based company.

If in doubt call the numbers provided and satisfy yourself that they are legitimate. Any decent online store owner will be only too happy to chat with you and alleviate your online fears. Please do note that the retailers themselves are far more likely to be scammed by fraudulent transactions than you are by a scam store.

South Africans are limited as to what we are able to buy from overseas and when dealing with an overseas company you could end up with problems with customs trying to have your goods released. This is especially true in the case of medications, diet pills and herbal supplements etc.

Most online retailers offer a variety of safe and effective payment methods to suit you. Simply choose the method that you are most comfortable with whether it is credit card payment, direct deposits or EFT.

I truly believe that online shopping is going to grow stronger and stronger in the very near future. With the growth of the online shopping experience will come an improvement in the supporting fields such as delivery and secure trusted websites that carry a seal of approval similar to those used by banking websites.

Fat burners compared – Capsiplex vs Phen375

Capsiplex and Phen375

 Fat Burner diet pills are diet supplements that increase your ability to convert calories to energy and to burn fat.

Fat burners are the best and quickest way to achieve weight loss, but there are so many choices to make between different products as well as the fact that not all fat burners are equal.

Two products that have really become big names in the fat burner market are Capsiplex and Phen375. Although they are both basically fat burners, they do have different qualities and do not have the same benefits.

Below are the fat burning qualities of each so that you can make a decision as to which of the fat burners will be more suitable to your needs.

Capsiplex fat burner diet pills

Capsiplex Fat Burner Tablets

Capsiplex is an all natural fat burner tablet that consists of Capsicum, Niacin and a small amount of Caffeine. The capsicum is the main active ingredient of the tablet and lends the real fat burning qualities to the diet pill.

Capsicum is the substance that gives the burning sensation when you eat hot chili or hot pepper. While it has long been acknowledged that capsicum has tremendous fat burning qualities, the diffculty has always been centered around the sometimes unpleasant burning sensation and gastric irritation that it causes.

Capsiplex is uniquely formulated so that you can enjoy the full benefits of capsicum without any side effects, unless of course, that you are allergic to chili.

Capsiplex gives an immediate boost to fat burning so that you will burn up to 278 calories more. This is a temporary boost and there are no long term benefits to your metabolism.

The effects of Capsiplex are greatly enhanced when taken half an hour before an exercise routine. It will boost calorie burning before, during and after exercise so that with each exercise routine you will burn more fat without extra effort.

Capsiplex is ideal for those whose budget is limited and who wish to either increase fat burning during workouts or who wish to only lose a few pounds.

Capsiplex has become known as being the diet secret of hollywood stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, J Lo and even Britney Spears.

Read the full Capsiplex Review.

Phen375 fat burner diet pills
Phen375 the best fat burner

Phen375 Fat Burner

Phen375 is a more expensive fat burner than Capsiplex, but for good reason. Phen375 is produced in an FDA approved facilty and is a legal synthetic fat burner designed to increase your metabolism long term so that you will enjoy the benefits of increased fat burning long after you stop the tablets.

Phen375 consists not only of a two tablet a day routine, but also includes a specially formulated yet non restrictive diet plan which has been designed to increase your metabolic rate.

In addition the water consumption plan has been shown to further increase weight loss by as much as 25%.

99.4% of those who have followed the 3 point weight loss plan have been successful in achieving their weight loss goals.

Isabella is one case study who lost an incredible 55 pounds in just six months. Needless to say her life has been totally transformed by Phen375 and she is now enjoying life like never before.

Phen375 synthesizes your hormones to increase fat burning and is known as being the strongest fat burner diet pill.

Read my personal Phen375 review – I lost 4kg in just 14days.

In Conclusion

If your goal is to imediately lose just a few pounds, or to increase your fat burning during exercise routines, then Capsiplex is the Fat Burner of choice. Capsiplex is a UK based diet pill

If you wish to lose more than just a few pounds and enjoy the benefits of a longterm increase in metabolism, then Phen375 is ideal. Phen375 is a USA based diet pill.

Weight gain – how do you react

OMG! I have become Fat.

Clothes don't fit

Gained too much weight

OMG I have got fat ! These are familiar words that every women and many men have said at some time when they go to try their favourite dress or pair of jeans and find that they no longer fit, or that there are suddenly unsightly love handles hanging over the sides.

Desperation strikes and you know that you need to get rid of the love handles, but at the same time you know that dieting and you have never gone well together and somehow you never really mange to lose that much weight and end up just being more miserable. Anyway you also know that after losing some weight it usually comes back with a vengeance immediately after stopping dieting.

The solution comes like a strike of lightning from the sky, and so you grab the credit card, rush out to the shops and see if you can find a store that has your favourite jeans or dress, only a couple of sizes bigger this time. Soon you are buying and replacing clothes and that suitcase full of “fitted at one stage” clothes that you are storing in the top of the cupboard, hoping that one day the clothes will fit again, just seems to be getting fuller and fuller and soon you will need to be buying a bigger suitcase for the “do not fit anymore” clothes.

Happy and contented now that you have found a suitable replacement that fits, you can carry on without the anguish that you were facing earlier when you found that your clothes were getting to small for you. Isn’t it funny that we always say that the clothes are getting small when in fact the truth is that the clothes have not shrunk, but we have really just picked up weight and outgrown the clothes.

The immediate anguish is gone, but has the problem really gone or have you merely hidden it under some new clothes. Yes, you may feel a little better from the retail therapy that you just had, but does it really make you feel better about yourself. Tonight when you get undressed you will look in the mirror and will still have the image of that slimmer you that used to be not so long ago and realise that the image in your mind is not what you are seeing in the mirror.

Facing the Problem of Weight Gain.

The real solution to the OMG problem is not to run out and buy new clothes. You are only really fooling yourself and making the clothing stores prosper. Why not start to rather address the problem of your weight and see just how you can easily lose some weight. This way you will not only be able to reduce the size of that suitcase of “Do not fit clothes,” but will also feel better, be more healthy and gain many more admiring glances and looks. Come on, it does not matter who you are or how long you have been married, those admiring looks that you used to get always made you feel great.

How to solve your Problem.

First and foremost you need to really sit down for a minute and analyse the reasons for you gaining weight. There are many possible reasons for this but in order to guide you a little, the most common causes are due to aging because your metabolism is slowing down. It could also be that you love food and tasty treats and you simply can not resist because you are always feeling hungry. It may even be that you have a liking for fast food or a lifestyle that prevents you from eating healthy foods.

All of these common causes of weight gain can be overcome with the help of specific diet supplements that are designed to make it so much easier for you to lose weight.

A quick look shows us that eating too much can be avoided by simply using an appetite suppressant like Hoodia Gordonii which will trick your brain into thinking that your stomach is full long before it is.

A slow metabolism may be easily increased so that your body burns the fat faster than you are able to digest it. This increase in your metabolism will also make you feel good about yourself and you will have so much more energy. A legal fat burner such as Phen375 could well change your life forever.

Eating bad foods that are high in fat content. There are magnificent diet pill that are called fat binders and which literally prevent the fat content of these foods from being absorbed into your system. Proactol is the best of these fat binders and by using Proactol you need not change what you eat, but simply change what is absorbed by your body.

Whatever the cause of your weight gain is, the chances are that if you rather grab your credit card and buy a diet supplement that will help you to overcome the problem, at the end of the day you will spend less than buying new clothes and will have all the benefits that go along with being a slimmer you.

Improve your health, improve your self esteem and your mood by investing in a diet supplement that will change your life forever for the better.

Natural appetite suppressants

Best natural appetite suppressants.

reduce your appetite

Appetite suppressants to reduce hunger

An appetite suppressant is a substance that reduces or suppresses your appetite. This is accomplished through the substance tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full, even though the stomach is not full. There are a variety of substances that effectively produce this appetite suppressing quality, but in reality there are very few natural substances that produce this effect.

I have heard people talking and writing about substances like water that can be used for appetite suppression. Although water will make your stomach full and you may feel full, the effect is short lived and you will soon be hungry as the water passes through your system. Water is not an appetite suppressant.

I have heard people saying that you should eat lettuce or cabbage to suppress your appetite, as a stomach full of lettuce or cabbage equates to a total of only about 20 calories and that the stomach does not know the difference as to whether it is full of cabbage or full of meat. This may be true and this may be usefull to help you lose weight, but cabbage and lettuce do not cause you to eat less food and therefore are not appetite suppressants. Let us rather call them calorie reducers.

Thinz diet tablets were one of the most popular appetite suppressants available on the market. These tablets contained a drug called d-Norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride which led to the Thinz tablets to being banned for sale in some countries. Thinz tablets were a drug and not a natural substance.

The most popular and safe natural appetite suppressant is a recently new discovery to the world, but has been used by the Sans Bushmen for hundreds of years to ward off hunger and thirst whilst on their treks through the semi-arid desert area of the Kalahari in Southern Africa. This is a substance called p57 that is found in the meaty flesh of a succulent plant that has a cactus like appearance.

The plant is the hoodia gordonii plant that is native to the Kalahari region of Southern Africa. The flesh contained in the stem of the “cactus” contains a substance called p57 that effectively suppresses appetite and thirst for hours at an end. This has become the dieters dream and millions of slimmers world wide have started using this natural appetite suppressant to curb hunger and to assist in their weight loss efforts.

Hoodia Gordonii – natural appetite supressant

Hoodia Gordonii is the best natural appetite suppressant available. It is every part as good as Thinz tablets to suppress appetite, with the added advantage that there are no side effects and that it is not addictive.

Hoodia Gordonii has one small shortcoming and that is the same shortfall that has resulted in hoodia becoming mistrusted by some dieters who say that hoodia does not work. Due to the worldwide attention hoodia received and it’s popularity amongst dieters as an appetite suppressant, combined with the fact that hoodia gordonii is a slow growing plant only found in the Kalahari, demand has outstripped supply. This has resulted in some unscrupulous merchants watering hoodia down or even supplying diet pills under the name of hoodia, that do not even contain hoodia.

When purchasing Hoodia, it is essential that you first thoroughly check the supplier and his source of hoodia. The supplier has to have a CITES certificate for the hoodia that he is using. The Cites certificate will reveal the origin of the hoodia . If the origin is not in Southern Africa which includes South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Angola, then the hoodia will not be as effective. There have been trials with planting hoodia in Mexico and China, but it is not the same as hoodia from Southern Africa.

The supplier of hoodia should have independant laboratory test results that list the strength of the hoodia and also lists any added ingredients. Ideally the ingredients to a hoodia capsule should be pure hoodia and the gelatin capsule. Anything else under the contents label or the laboratory report indicates that the product is not totally pure.

The natural appetite suppressant, hoodia gordonii, is an expensive product due to the high demand and limited supply. If you do come across a cheap hoodia capsule, the chances are that the hoodia content is insufficient for your dieting needs. The mininum requirement is that of 400mg three times daily. Also please be aware that when buying hoodia, you must properly calculate your costs, as in some investigation it has been found that what at first seems to be expensive , is indeed cheap, and what is cheap is in fact expensive.

My past experience has shown me that the purest and best hoodia diet pill is UniqueHoodia. UniqueHoodia also has one of the lowest daily costs which is approximately $1-08 per day of treatment.

The dosage of 460mg is sufficient to suppress your appetite for 4 to 6 hours. In this period your brain will register that your stomach is full and hence reduce your need to eat or snack. The hoodia will also increase your energy levels and produce a “feel good” feeling. Typically the use of hoodia as an appetite suppressant will result in between 1000 and 2000 calories less being consumed per day.

More information before you buy hoodia.

Christian weight loss

Christian Weight loss

Christian weight loss

Christian Weight Loss

When it comes to singing praises to themselves, there are no better than those that are involved in the 49 billion dollar weight loss industry. Each and every diet, weight loss pill, weight loss system and weight loss program, shouts loudly from the top of the hill that they are the best. It seems that each of them have a million people available to tell you that they have lost 350 lbs from using this diet .

In a 49 billion dollar industry, if you do not check out the product carefully, the only thing that you are going to lose is not pounds (Unless you are british) but your hard earned dollars, and you will just be contributing to the 49 billion dollar industry.

How do you know if the product is a scam or not? Unfortunately the desperation of your circumstances often prevents you from finding this out until you have already parted with your dollars. You are so desperate for Weight Loss that you quickly get departed from your dollars.

My advice to you is that you did not gain those pounds overnight, but over a period of weeks or months, so holding onto the pounds for a couple of extra days (with your dollars still safely in your pocket) may help you discover that if you rushed out and bought that new fad diet, you would have been losing out.

If you find a “great looking” weight loss program, go into the site and usually they will have an offer for you to give your email adress and receive further information from them. Do this and wait and see what type of information is received from them. If the information received over the next week is overly assertive and forces you to buy their system, run away as fast as you can as they are not serious about you losing weight, but are serious about them making money.

A good example of this is from Dr Suzanne with her “Secret fat loss secrets“. Sign up for her program and you will be bombarded with some heavy emails, which eventually have all to do with how to make money online and nothing to do with weight loss. Run a mile. Scam!

A great program will start to send you useful information that you can start to use before you buy their program. They will continue to send this useful information to you until such time as you unsubscribe to their service and they will not worry you again. Also try sending them an email asking for some further information. Add one or two questions that can not be replied to by a computer and if you get an intelligent answer back from them, you know that you are dealing with people concerned about your problem and not just a money making machine on the other side.

What makes me an expert on the issue of diets and what does work and what does not work. My late wife was anorexic and so for over eighteen years I saw every single diet, every weight loss book and every new system that afforded some hope in the area of losing weight. What I did not see in eighteen years was a system that worked and that could be guaranteed to make you lose weight. Most systems and products all had some lovely fine print that excluded them from all the guarantees that they placed in big bold print.

Weight Loss God’s Way

Recent research brought me to a system called Weight Loss God’s Way which is a christian weight loss program. I can not say that this is the best weight loss system for you, but to me it is the best weight loss system that I have ever seen.

What makes this the best weight loss system in my eyes, is that it is the first system that does not worry about the symptoms of the problem, which is extra weight, but the system concentrates on finding the root cause of the problem, eliminating it, which automatically brings about weight loss. Weight Loss God’s Way deals with all three aspects of our being, which is mind, soul and body. Treating the body alone is like cutting weeds and expecting them not to regrow.

Why God’s way.

This system is based on biblical principles or the laws of God. These principles are not reserved for christains alone, but apply to all. Everyone has in the past heard the saying “Give and you will get back”. Some refer to it as a universal law, but it is one of God’s many laws that appear in the bible. Now if you take all these laws and start to apply them into your life, you will achieve permanent weight loss. Can you imagine not ever having to diet anymore?

Even though I do not need to lose weight, I have subscribed to the system, as the principles revealed in the system are principles that assist not only with weight loss, but with all area’s of your well being. The system belongs to Dr Frank, who personally replies to any queries or questions that you may have.

When you subscribe to their news letter you receive a whole lot of valuable and useful information, including the first two chapters of his book for free. There is no high power selling tactics put onto you and you are absolutely under no obligation to buy his system.

My rating of this system sits at a ten out of ten and I recommend it to anyone who is serious in their efforts to lose weight. To me this is the best weight loss system.

More information on Christian Weight loss 

Xenophobia in South Africa

Xenophobia is defined as “an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange”.

While unnecessary violence, and as such Xenophobic violence, should never be tolerated or be acceptable, is Xenophobia without the violence  in South Africa really justified.

Why would South Africans hate foreigners?

When we take a street look at South Africa and just how much it has changed since the ANC came to power, we start to get a real look into the cause of the Xenophobia that exists.

South Africa has suddenly become the home to millions upon millions of migrants from the rest of Africa as well as places like China, who are seeking a new and prosperous life. The seemingly prosperous South Africa with it’s wide open arms has welcomed these people into the land and these very people are draining the already strained job market causing wide spread unemployment to the locals.

Looking at industries such as the construction industry, it is alarming to see just how many non South Africans are employed. The immigrants, many illegal, are often seen by unscrupulous employers to be harder and cheaper workers and as such are employed in huge numbers while our locals are jobless.

In the retail sector you need only take a look at the local store owners in order to see just how bad the situation really is. Small towns which previously had maybe 10 to 20 small stores run by locals now find that as many as 80% of these small stores are now occupied by foreign owners.

Worsening the situation is the fact that these foreign small businesses seldom employ any local workers and if they do it is usually under the worst working conditions possible.

Primarily these stores and small businesses are used as a means for their friends and family from foreign countries to gain entry into S.A. Business owners are allowed to bring fellow country men out to the country on valid working permits as long as there is no one suitable to fill the vacancy from S.A.

Jobs are advertised in the local papers with a strict requirement that the applicant must be able to fluently speak the owners language such as Chinese. Naturally there are few South Africans that are fluent in Chinese and so within a month or two we have a new “legal”  work permit issued and more foreigners coming into the country.

Small retail in S.A is foreign owned

Small retail is the backbone of a thriving economy. These small retail stores, especially the Spaza stores in the townships, often are the sole means of support for some families. When these stores are taken over by foreign owners with minimal overheads then the sole income of many locals is negatively affected and again we have a rise in unemployment.

It is no wonder that much of the Xenophobic violence experienced in South Africa is vented out upon the small spaza shops in the townships. The locals in the townships realise that these foreign owned spaza shops are draining the life from their own people.


If South Africa wishes to eradicate Xenophobia and wishes to return to being a thriving economy then the ANC has to take a serious look at the policies that allow millions of foreigners to flood across our borders each year.

While foreigners are replacing our local work force and draining our economy instead of being used to merely supplement weak areas there will always be fuel for increased Xenophobia and xenophobic attacks.

How to get rid of love handles

How to Get Rid of Love handles

Love handles

Love Handles

How do you get rid of love handles. The deposits of fat that build up on the hips are lovingly referred to as love handles, only they are not nearly as cute and beautiful as the name implies.

Love Handles are usually one of the first signs of weight gain and are easily noticed when you try on a pair of tighter jeans and suddenly there are these huge bulges sticking out over your jeans on the sides.

When left unchecked, love handles seem to spread and soon belly fat, fat on thighs and underarm fat start to develop as well. Left totally unchecked, love handles are a precursor to impending overweight problems and even obesity. 

Why It Is So Difficult To Get Rid of Love Handles.

Once you have started to get love handles, it seems as if no matter what you do, how much exercise you do, or how little you eat, they just do not want to go away.

Fat loss can not be targeted to a specific area of your body. Your body basically decides where it will put on weight and where it will lose weight when the time comes, and generally, the love handles are the first to come and the last to leave. It is almost as if it is the first in last out principle that is applied by the body.

In order to be able to lose those love handles you need to create a deficit of calories in your body. This is achieved by ensuring that you burn more calories than you consume in order to force the body into drawing it’s energy requirements from the stored energy (fat).

Creating a calorie deficit is achieved by using a little leverage of the formula – Calories burnt less calories consumed = weight lost. Increase your physical exercise and reduce your eating, however this is not always easy and is often not the best way to do things.

Dieting to lose weight and reduce calorie intake can have a overall negative effect on your weight loss. While you are initially dieting, you will lose weight due to the decrease in calorie intake. However, your body adjusts to the lower consumption of food and automatically starts to slow your metabolism down. When you resume normal eating again, your body is now running on a slower metabolism and so you start to gain weight at a far faster rate than you ever did before.

The amount of exercise needed to be able to really get rid of those love handles amounts to daily or twice daily full high energy aerobic workouts, and most of us simply do not have the energy or time to be able to do 1 to 2 hours full aerobic workouts.

Love Handle Targeted Exercises.

Some exercises that are targeted at toning the “Obliques”, which are the underlying muscle upon which the love handles deposit themselves, are :-

1) Twist Crunches : Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. First try touch right knee with left elbow by raising your head and bringing your knee up till elbow and knee touch. Alternate between left knee to right elbow and right knee to left elbow.

2) Standing Trunk Twists : Stand with your feet approximately one foot apart. Twist the upper part of your body side to side while keeping your lower half as stationary as possible. Punching with the left arm towards the right side and vice verso will improve the effectiveness of the twist.

3) Leg Flutters : Lie on your stomach. Lift both legs and then perform a kicking motion almost as if you were swimming. Do this for 20 seconds, then rest 20 seconds and repeat.

The above exercises will assist with toning the oblique muscles but are not sufficient on their own to cause you to get rid of your love handles.

Isabella before and after losing love handles

Isabella lost her love handles

Easiest way to get rid of Love Handles.

As I have mentioned above, in order to fully get rid of love handles you need to leverage the weight loss formula so that you burn off more calories and reduce your calorie intake at the same time so that you have a calorie deficit in your body.

The best and easiest way to fully leverage this formula is to simply increase your metabolism while also eating less. Now this may seem to be a contradiction to what i previously stated about a diet causing your metabolism to slow down, but when you have a little help from Phen375, this is no longer the case.

Phen375 actively increases your metabolism so that no matter what you do, you use more energy to do it. Your metabolic rate is increased to full speed so that your body is converting all the calories to energy and not storing any as fat. On top of this, Phen375 has some amazing appetite suppressing qualities which cause you to eat less food and so your calorie intake is lowered.

When you use Phen375 to increase your metabolism, you will find that you suddenly have an amazing amount of energy available, and while you may still not choose to join those aerobic classes, you will find that due to the extra energy you will be doing a lot more of the things that you really enjoy to do but did not have the energy for. Whatever way that you choose to use the energy, you can rest assured that you are well on your way to losing weight and pretty soon there will no longer be a trace of love handles on your hips.

Phen375 will make you feel absolutely great all the time. With so much extra energy and with losing between 2 and 5 pounds of fat per week, it is almost impossible to feel good about yourself.

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